Waste World / School of the Earth

Constellation made from thousands of compostable coffee cups!

Global Design NYU presenta two design exhibitions, Waste_World and School of the Earth: Gallatin Reimagined in 2061. Waste_World is the work of students from Louise Harpman’s “Architecture and Urban Design LAB.” School of the Earth: Gallatin Reimagined in 2061 is the work of students from Peder Anker and Mitchell Joachim’s “Designing for New Climates: Histories of Adaptation.” These shows are offered as a part of NYCxDESIGN 2017, New York City’s annual, official city-wide celebration of design.

Waste_World  As a coffee-loving city that drinks seven times more coffee than any other, NYC is at the epicenter of a non-compostable coffee cup eco-dilemma. In partnership with NYCxDesign 2017, Louise Harpman’s “Architecture and Urban Design Lab II” class has created Waste_World, a green-frasture installation made up of compostable Think Coffee cups. The installation is a response to the waste journey of non-compostable cups, an overwhelming number of which live in our trash streams, and seeks to shed light on the ways compostable and life-sustaining materials can help change NYC’s green footprint. Through dialogue, action, and education about our participation in the trash stream and the need for a more robust composting infrastructure in NYC, we can work collectively to make smart environmental decisions.

The School of the Earth is a future for Gallatin that is about the environment and adapting to the new climate ahead of us. It incorporates a sustainable way of life and understanding of human impact on the environment into a university curriculum that is also more accessible and focused on creative and innovative learning. This School of the Earth is also about a Gallatin community that is aware of, interacts ethically with, and learns from the surrounding communities. This building is redesigned as a space that promotes these ideas, and actively encourages environmental awareness and sustainable living.