These are the good times

Melanie Baker • Sarah Barry • Iona Rozeal Brown • Hayden Dunham • Jacob Goldman •Erin Grant
Michael Kozien • Alexandra McQuilkin • Jeffrey Allen Price Gillian Sagansky • Antonio Santini•Charlotta Westergren
The dream that held us in its grasp vanishes in the moment of waking. It is in these historical moments that decadence and excess lead to decline, the threshold to a seismic shift in the way things are, the way things have been. Through the eyes and works of a variety of artists, These are the good times looks at the various stages of this transition with joy, confusion and hope. This looking is done through the lens of decadence and decadences as they exist in a variety of spaces and manners.

But what is decadence? For the purposes of this show we will call decadent that which acts in accord with an original proposition but has since lost its purpose. A wedding cake that is all cream and no cake. But also, an excess where the original intent is pushed so far that it is no longer rationale or goes so far as to undo the meaning of that first intention. Once this stage has been reached the morning after holds the promise of the unknown.

“We are living after the deluge, after life, after the modern…a state of things which is unnatural, post-natural, post human and inhuman.” –Antonio Negri

Curator, Keith Miller

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Melanie Baker