The Technology Show


February 19 – March 1, 2010, Ground flr
Opening Reception: February 19, 6-9PM

The Technology Show
Wafaa Bilal • Daniel Chew • Sarah Show • Micaela Durand • Matthew Gaffney • Kingsley Ifill • Benjamin Lear • Antonio Santini

The Internet is our magical portal to the world we consume and represnt as viral videos, breaking news, email chains, and tweets. Yet many things happen and exist beyond the computer screen, things that have a special quality to them, an invisible aura visible when experienced for the first time on screen. The 8 artists of The Technology Show deal with the infinite process of seeking out this aura, of appropriating, reproducing, sharing, destroying, and mourning it.
– Antonio Santini, Curator

Wafaa Bilal


Iraqi born artist Wafaa Bilal has exhibited his art world wide, and traveled and lectured extensively to inform audiences of the situation of the Iraqi people, and the importance of peaceful conflict resolution. Bilal’s 2007 dynamic installation Domestic Tension placed him on the receiving end of a paintball gun that was accessible online to a worldwide audience, 24 hours a day. Newsweek called the project “breathtaking” and the Chicago Tribune called the month-long piece “one of the sharpest works of political art to be seen in a long time,” and named Bilal its 2007 Artist of the Year. Bilal has exhibited worldwide including in Baghdad, the Netherlands, Thailand and Croatia; as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, the Milwaukee Art Museum and various other US galleries. His residencies have included Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California; Catwalk in New York; and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In fall 2008 City Lights published “Shoot an Iraqi: Life, Art and Resistance Under the Gun,” about Bilal’s life and the Domestic Tension project.

Sarah Chow

Sarah Chow is a Gallatin ’10 student and Internaut who makes glitches, morphologies and websites.

Matthew Gaffney

Kingsley Ifill

Benjamin Lear


Antonio Santini