Maddalena Poletta


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Photo on 10-22-15 at 1.25 PM #3


It was the neighborhood I declared my loyalty to. Not the city. Not the people. Moved in and never left. Took pride in years spent between the confines of 14th street to the North, Delancey to the South, West to the Bowery and East to the river. There were others, those that tattooed LES on their forearms, and played in punk rock bands with anthems to the neighborhood. It wasn’t so strange to be fiercely, defiantly, attached to a catchment area. We all were. What we didn’t see coming was that the neighborhood would betray us, turning into something else beneath our feet. Swapping out rubble-filled lots where our footsteps made paths through the snow for condos and cocktail bars. And I am still loyal, still can’t leave. Way past rhyme or reason.

BIO  Maddalena Polletta has lived and worked in New York City for the past 29 years. Since 1991 she has collaborated with a group of Artists and Writers, through the collective Fleabites, on artist books/zines. These books are sold cheaply and distributed via bookstores, collectives and art spaces. Maddalena lives with her husband, Pedro Diez, and son, Dante Diez, in a sixth floor walk-up.