Magazine Dreams

November 13, 2009 – February 5, 2010, 5th flr
Opening Reception: November 13, 6-8PM


Although magazines are generally composed of a sequence of numbered pages, there is nothing linear about the experience of reading one. You flip through half the issue to find your favorite editorial, turn back a few pages to read an interview, skip to the very end for the rest of the story, and get distracted every which way by the endless array of images pulling you in yet another direction. What we intend to convey in Magazine Dreams is a sense of that experience—the chaotic ebb and flow between text and image in the shifting, visceral dreamscape of a magazine spread, offering you, the viewer, a glimpse into the culture both reflected in and created on its pages.
The exhibition images were drawn from work produced in magazine-focused tutorials and Arts Workshops taught by Lise Friedman.

Curated and designed by Sarah Chow

Featured Magazines

Joseph (Bud) Intonato
Georgina Bloomberg
Heather Hyman
Cassandra Katsiaficas
Amber Kallor
Antonio Santini
Adele Balderston
Samantha Strelitz
Caroline Freedman
Becky Abramowitz
Maria Martyak
Colleen Valentine

Sarah Chow
Chloe Moore
Julie Singer
Violet Xie
Amy Zhang

Jessica Griffiths
Caitlin Myers
Aiya Ono
Robyn Rukumoto
Sam Maclaughlin
Chelsea Beasley

Brittney Wilcox
Steven Phillips-Horst
Michael Stolte
Sarah Reynolds
Veronica Chan
Georgina Bloomberg

Alan Paukman
Kate Brien
Daria Radlinski
Elana Fisherman
Amber Permsap
Rodrigo Esparza