gPhoto: Eye of Our Generation


February 19 – April 9, 2010, 5th flr
Opening Reception: February 19, 6-8PM


gPhoto is Gallatin’s undergraduate photography club.

Featured Artists

Aaron Berman, Shraddha Borawake, Marshall Buxton Carolina Carreno, Randolph Chiu Tan, Meera Dugal, Katie Flagg, Michael George, Sofya Gladysheva, Daniel Jaffe, Phillippe Juncker, Amanda Knudson, Allison Maggy, Eamon Murphy, Molly Pearl, Drew Pham, Antonio Santini, Louise Secordel, Erin Wahed



The Eye of Our Generation presents a wide variety of student photographers’ takes on the question of what photography is today and what it means to them. The artists’ varied perspectives reflect our generation’s distinct historical condition in relation to technology, culture, politics, and media. These works were initially presented in the form of a critique that resulted in spirited discussion surrounding the works and the nature of contemporary photography. In the spirit of this dialogue, this exhibition is in no way meant to serve as a definition or manifesto but is instead presented as an interrogation and challenge to the nature of artistic and cultural progress, the concept of generation, and the notion of a “contemporary” aesthetic. We believe that the multitude of visions presented serve as a gateway into the aesthetic discourse of a generation.