Gallatin Arts Festival 2015

The Gallatin Arts Festival is a week-long, community-wide celebration of the unique artistry and interdisciplinary scholarship of students at NYU’s Gallatin School. The festival features student work in the visual and performing arts and serves as a galvanizing force and springboard for action and discussion through the creation and presentation of artistic work.

The Gallatin Arts Festival originated in 1992 as a collaborative effort between Professor Laurin Raiken and graduate student Barry Spanier. Under Professor Raiken’s guidance, Spanier developed the festival as part of his master’s thesis. Since then GAF has expanded into the largest public event sponsored by the Gallatin School. GAF provides hands-on opportunities for students to gain knowledge of the process required to produce a multidisciplinary arts festival. Under guidance from members of the arts faculty and student affairs, the Student Leadership Team serves as the primary support for the festival. GAF is a learning experience emphasizing the development of ideas and collaborative innovation.














2015 Participants

Student Leadership Team, Faculty and Staff:

Bridget Casey, Carolyn “CC” Concepcion, Haley Gaston, Catherine Meagan Rust, Sarah Flamm, Alex Hansen, Eliza Lambert, Eleanor Weeks, Jasmin Agosto, Anna Robertson, Jesse Dittmar, Kristin Horton, Keith Miller, Katya Mezhibovskaya


Allison Arkush, John Belknap, Kai Cameron, Vanessa Castro, Rachel Davies, Alexandria Ethridge, Haley Gaston, Cassidy George, Jake Gianaris, Jacqueline Grossbard, Nicolas Gutierrez, Zoey Hart, Andrew Harvey, Kalliopi Karakasidou, Jihan Kikhia, Deborah Kim, Sonya Kozlova, Olivia Latney, Parissah Lin, Alexandra Ling, Daniel Mekss, Rebecca Pecaut, Luke Smithers, Rowan Spencer, Meredith Stein, Giovanna Sundqvist-Olmos, Charles Tiseth, Izel Villarba, Brendan Ward, Tianyu Yang, Elaine Young, Serena Adlerstein, Sarah Barry, Genevieve Beaudoin, Madi Bisharat, Tommy Craven, Elizabeth Curtis, Christopher Dehn, Johanna Duk, Alexandra Hansen, Jessica Harris, Alice Lambert, Summer Luk, Matthew Moen, Katie Ostrowski, Connor Sedlacek, Sasha Sharova, Jake Strauss