DISPOSABLE: Ciudad Juárez and the War on Women

Since 1994 Ciudad Juarez has experienced a protracted war on women. Hundreds of women and young girls have been brutally raped and murdered and still hundreds more are missing. In the past three years the border city has also seen a brutal escalation of the drug war, with the cartels taking on the army and police and leaving more dead than in any other city in the world, making it the murder capital of the world. Within in this context the murders of women can be understood as a virtual canary in a cold mine, presaging the current wave of symbolic murders –often posted on youtube as a sign to the population, the army, the other cartels and any others who doubt. In Disposable: Ciudad Juarez and the war on women, the artists have looked at these conditions with a close eye and through the lens of the femicide of the past 16 years and tried to make sense of the situation, call attention to it, and express the rage, frustration and pain. Artists: Peggy Adam, Lina Palotta, Patricia Yossen, Hayden Dunham, Keith Miller, Tali Weinberg, Chris Nolan, Amia Yokoyama

Peggy Adam

Hayden Dunham

Keith Miller

Chris Nolan

Lina Palotta

Tali Weinberg