Courtney Dunn: About Face

February 19 – April 9, 4th flr
Opening Reception: February 19, 6-8PM


Courtney Dunn


Throughout my four years at NYU I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of different cultures locally around campus, and in my travels within the U.S.A. and abroad. These experiences taught me a great deal about different traditions, landscapes, and history, but what most inspired me were always the people I encountered along the way. Whether it is an energetic sense of character, a close friend, a stranger in their daily routine, or simply someone whose twisted smile eludes the familiar glimmer of mischief, I have been deeply intrigued by the faces that have graced my lens in recent years. I have been drawn to the candor with which they interact with their environment, each other, and the camera, and have worked very hard trying to capture this on film.
All of these images were shot on 35mm film because I believe there is a very unique quality in the images that I have not been able to find with digital. I also develop my own prints in the darkroom because I think this (sometimes arduous) process creates an irreplaceable bond between image and photographer. The hours you spend toiling over chemicals, the countless failed attempts and do-overs, and all the last minute paper runs make each final print that much more meaningful, and has generated work that I am that much more proud of.