Charlie Steiner: DOCUMENTS

Photojournalism from the Philippines 1980-1990

HOME BASE A Love Story, my MA thesis film, is about the relationship between the United States and the Philippines, its former colony. The documentary is based on work I did there as a photojournalist and videographer in the 1980’s. My photos were published in major magazines and newspapers (e.g. Newsweek, TIME, Business Week, New York Times) and my video used in network newscasts (NBC, PBS, CBC -Canada, Asahi -Japan). In HOME BASE there are a number of references to the ways photos are used and the way some photos are chosen for publication over others, and there is also some commentary on errors of representation and of facts in a prominent NBC News piece from Manila that used a small clip of mine. The exhibit I propose will expand on these issues. It will comprise large prints of my photos and also show copies of the magazines that reproduced my photos.






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