Bert Katz: The Memorial Exhibit

Opening reception March 9, 1-4 pm

We were all kids and he was already an adult. We all dreamed of doing something interesting but Bert was already a talented creator. – Author Robert Littell remembering his Alfred University classmate, Bert Katz

Our father is remembered with affection and even awe as a sophisticated and affable man whose prolific talents and passions were evident early on. He embraced abstract expressionism with a surety uncommon in one so young and remained tenaciously devoted to the principles of this movement throughout his life.

He matured as an artist in the late 1960s against the backdrop of great civil and societal unrest, creating fluid yet measured pen and ink drawings and his notoriously ambiguous spray paintings. He was greatly interested in the concepts of paradox and contradiction, and for the next 50 years continued to expand his creative vocabulary, always allowing his subconscious to dictate the process and results of his unpremeditated creativity. In the last decade of his life, he successfully translated this methodology to photography, and found profound creative fulfillment through the camera lens.

Our criteria for this show was two-fold: we chose pieces that we thought clearly showed his evolutional journey as an artist, as well as pieces that resonated with us simply because we grew up with them and they are part of our own emotional fabric. Not included in this show are found treasures: sketchbooks, hand drawn birthday cards, napkin doodles… personal and magical expressions from the father we adored and the artist we admired.

– Jessica Katz Starke
– Margo Isidora Katz