Joseph Heidecker

The Other Side 1&2, 2014

Joseph attained his B.A. from CUNY HUNTER and received a Graduate Scholarship to SUNY STONYBROOK. His art has been exhibited, either in solo shows or group exhibitions, at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, Washington Square E. Gallery, Islip Arts Museum and the Gruss Center for the Arts amongst others all in the New York/New Jersey area. Nationally and internationally Joseph’s work has been featured in Palm Beach, Florida, Vienna, Austria, California and at Art Basel in Switzerland. Upcoming shows include Art Basel Miami. Pieces by Joseph can be found in the collections of Joel-Peter Witkin, Benecio Del Toro, the Dancing Bear Collection of William Hunt, Michael Hoppen Gallery of London as well as Spencer Throckmorton of Throckmorton Gallery, New York. Joseph has been profiled in articles about himself and his art in The New York Times, PDN Magazine, The New York Observer, amongst many others, as well as the upcoming “Illustration Now 2” book to be realeased by Taschen in late 2007.

Artist Statement:

I am intrigued by the way society influences our construction of “self”. The high tech culture and multi-media world creates ideas about our sense of identity. I use the technology of photography (found figurative images),juxtaposing that with hand manipulated ideas to explore the revealing and concealing nature in people;constructing different “masks”. I like to use discarded,found materials ,things that seem useless , from flea markets and thrift shops to help provide another layer of mystery.