William Lamson


Action for the Delaware, 2011

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William Lamson is an interdisciplinary artist whose diverse practice involves working with
elemental forces to create durational performative actions. Set in landscapes as varied as New
York’s East River and Chile’s Atacama Desert, his projects reveal the invisible systems and
forces at play within these sites. In all of his projects, Lamson’s work represents a performative
gesture, a collaboration with forces outside of his control to explore systems of knowledge and
belief. Lamson’s work has been exhibited widely in the United States and Europe, including the
Brooklyn Musuem, The Moscow Biennial, P.S.1. MOMA, Kunsthalle Erfurt, the Musuem of
Contemporary Art, Denver, and Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles. In addition he has
produced site specific installations for the Indianapolis Musuem of Art, the Center For Land Use
Interpretation, and Storm King Art Center. His work is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum,
the Dallas Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Musuem of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston
and a number of private collections. He has been awarded grants from the Shifting Foundation,
the Experimental Television Center, and most recently he is 2014 Guggenheim Fellow. His work
has appeared in ArtForum, Frieze, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the New Yorker,
Harpers, and the Village Voice. William Lamson was born Arlington, Virginia and lives in
Brooklyn, New York. He earned his MFA from Bard College, and he teaches in the Parsons MFA
photography program. He is represented by Anita Beckers Gallery in Frankfurt, and Pierogi in

Artist Statement:
In my work I use elemental forces, utilitarian structures and mythological narratives as material to
create durational performative actions. In some works I am the subject, directly performing in front
of the camera. In others, I work through the materials to create a platform in which an experiment
or an experience will occur. In either case, the properties inherent to the material dictate its form;
once the material is chosen, I submit my agency to these parameters. Plants grow, a line is
drawn, I stand and fall. Through such simple actions and the necessary collaboration with forces
outside of my control, my work explores systems of knowledge and belief.