Brad Dececco

The Oilmen

Brad lives in New York City, grew up in Massachusetts and photographs subjects around the world. He is often found shooting rock stars, ranchers or athletes. His works has been described as filmic. He shot a documentary film dealing with asbestos poisoning, which premiered in 2010. Brad was awarded the PDN 30 Best Emerging Photographers for 2007 and the Jury Prize for Cinematography in the Communication Arts 2007 Annual. His music video “Red” premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. His clients include Lexus, Smithsonian, Washington Post Magazine, Fortune SB, Time Magazine, Popular Mechanics, People Magazine and Universal Records. His work has shown in galleries in Boston, New York , Los Angeles, Dubai and Stockholm. Brad’s ultimate goal in life is to be sent to Greenland on Assignment (hint, hint).

Artist Statement

Man’s unceasing demand for ever more fossil fuels has engendered a wave of new technologies allowing fuels to be extracted faster, deeper, further offshore and in even more remote areas heretofore untouched by man. The Oil Men is a multimedia project and forthcoming book about how this quest engulfed a swath of rural North Dakota, altering it’s landscape and people forever. We chose to focus on the people living, working and trying to come to consensus on how this economic boom should be managed. This almost instantaneous influx of money, men, machinery and oil wells has caused unending controversy, unlikely alliances and enemies, incredible wealth and poverty and a discussion that has generational global implications. The forthcoming book is by journalist Blaire Briody and will be available from St. Martin’s Press. For more information, visit us at or find us on Facebook.