Another Green World

Melanie Baker, Brad DeCecco, Joseph Heidecker, Mitch JoachimNina Katchadourian, Steve Lambert with Post Carbon InstituteWilliam Lamson, Ashley Panzera, Rachel SussmanKathleen Vance


Nina Katchadourian     TOO LATE, 2003

Our relationship to the environment is an economic proposal. Who profits and who suffers, how we use and think about natural resources and what are the consequences of these decisions: these questions are at the heart of the climate issue. It is more and more urgent that we keep this plain fact present. When climate change is denied, it is an economic struggle. The science is clear: climate change is real. But so are the economics: to change practices and ways of thinking will have an economic impact. It is that challenge to existing uses and practices which is denied.

For those willing to accept the judgment of 97% of the scientific community’s data, the problem is ethical, economic, practical or spiritual, and often enough, all of these at once. Another Green World looks at these issues through the works of artists who have engaged with the problem in ways scientific and personal, practical and political. Documenting the issue soberly and clearly is one approach. Another is to treat the issue as a practical problem, which can be addressed through ingenuity and the transformation of our habits and lifestyles.

As with so many of the issues that face our world today, the current impending environmental catastrophe is a child of the Modern period. Industrialization made distances shorter just as it made raw materials more needed and more quickly devoured, land more deeply mined and forests more quickly made bare. Before this period, there was a green world, which though changing, had remained constant for millennia. As we look to our present in the light of the impending change to come, the artists here wonder aloud how to make Another Green World.                                  -Curated by Keith Miller


 Melanie Baker     Conesville, 2014

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William Lamson     Action for the Delaware, 2011


Rachel Sussman     The Only Paradise is Paradise Lost, 2004-2007


Brad Dececco     The Oilmen, 2014


Kathleen Vance     Traveling Landscapes, 2012-2014


Mitchell Joachim     RAPID RE(F)USE, 2013


Steve Lambert     Public Energy Art Kit, 2014