Tali Weinberg (BA ’04, MA ’12)

The process of learning and understanding is so transformative it seams cruel that some people don’t get to have it, 2014


I fuse the languages of text and textiles to investigate gender violence, labor, and economic, social, and ecological insecurity. My work takes form as installations, drawings, prints, and artist’s books that simultaneously reference personal experience and social struggle. These works are formally minimal, yet embedded with the results of intensive material, interpersonal, historical and theoretical research. They are grounded in feminism and the varied forms of knowledge required for skilled production: the math and structure of weaving, the biology and chemistry of natural dyeing, and the relationship between cerebral and embodied knowledge. Situated within a global practice of women creatively reusing materials to produce objects of care and connection, my process is one of producing, deconstructing, and restructuring. Everything has the potential to be the material for something new. Within constraint, there is possibility. Within the discarded, there is value, deserving of care.

This piece is part of an ongoing body of work developed out of structured conversations with women activists, artists, and scholars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. These conversations are recorded and transcribed. I combine quotations with my knowledge of woven structures, repeating lines of text across the page as if warp threads of a weaving. Intimate exchanges about political action and daily life become the raw material for the production of new systems—embodied on the page and in a social fabric.