Jade Fusco (BA ’12)

DMZL Initiation Scroll, 2009-Present

Since its inception during Fusco’s sophomore year at Gallatin in 2010, The DMZL Initiation Scroll has evolved over several distinct spells of drawing, and continues to develop today. Revisiting the Scroll in 2014 wth her growing penchant for making interactive work, Fusco welcomes the public to participate in a collective storytelling game: The Scrolling Stories Experiment.

Scrolling Stories is an open invitation for visitors to collaborate in the experience of authoring this phatasmagoria of stream-consciousness illustration, contributing to a collective mythology with their individual token of expression.

The game unfolds as follows: Players are summoned to journey through the scroll, perusing the drawings at leisure. Then, they sit in the Author’s Chair at the Looking Glass Table, and transcribe their inspiration from their Scroll discoveries, in whichever narrative form they choose, on the typewriter provided. Finally, players add their Story to the Stacks, and can enjoy browsing previous Stories, searching for corresponding scenes in the Scroll.

At the end of this experiment, the Stacks will be compiled into a Scrolling Stories Journal, and published online.

The Scrolling Stories Experiment explores how contemporary generations define their personal mythologies while operating and interacting in multiple dimensions of information and media. In the age where one is continuously “scrolling” through data and narrating their lives at warp-speed on digital devices, this project presents an opportunity to slow down, reflecting on one’s thoughts and observations, and becoming more conscious of the realities one chooses to describe for themselves and for everyone else.


Come participate in Fusco’s work at the All You Can Be artist reception on December 3rd from 7-9 PM

view more of Fusco’s work at her website: www.thedmzl.com