Gallatin Faculty Show

Faculty Show 2013

Jaime Arredondo • Daniel Dawson • Jeff Day • Martha Diaz • Matthew A.J. Gregory • Louise Harpman • Lanny Harrison • Mitchell Joachim • Nina Katchadourian • Bert Katz • Keith Miller • Meleko Mokgosi • Lauren Raikin • Mark Read • Barnaby Ruhe • Antonio Rutigliano • Salvatore Tagliarino • Greg Wyatt

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If one thing is certain about the collection of artists, architects and designers here, it is that they often inhabit the same course catalog. But this would not seem a clarifying principle around which to organize a show, unless we look at diversity as the statement made by the very choice of individualized study.

As a point of departure, this very complexity might be the unifying thread of the work done by the faculty at Gallatin. To look at the things as they are, to deny the permanence of one way of seeing or thinking, is the challenge the students confront in our classes on a weekly basis, and which, it would seem, unifies us in our creative labor. Challenges to history sit beside affirmations of tradition, proposals for the future converse with rebuttals to current political and economic realities. Whether manifest in Africa or the Americas, New York or New Orleans, the legacy of colonialism is also a recurring theme. While the use and ownership of public space are addressed, so too are the many traditions of theater, art history and media. Perhaps the most interesting thing about these works, when put in a group, is the diversity in approaches, methods and materials. Architecture and painting, public art and private reorganization: there seems to be little external similarity. The idea that there still exists a paradigmatic mode, any sense of normative media or practice, has been pushed aside in favor of a more urgent interrogation of the present.  Putting any one of these artists in a single group excludes them from another that applies equally to their interests. This specificity embedded in the universal is what makes this disparate collection of colleagues a united group of artists.

The ability to come together, to engage in conversation, is one of the unique things about our work as faculty members here at Gallatin.  Coming together in the gallery space gives the creative process its utility and its unique ability to take the world and rethink it, redefine it and envision the many possibilities it offers.

– Keith Miller, Curator


Matthew Gregory

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