May 31 to July 25, 2013
1/X features the work of five artists of varying backgrounds. We will be displaying sculpture, photography, video performance, bioart, sound art, and computational art in the Gallatin Galleries at the end of this month. It’s sure to be a strange and exciting show!

The five talented featured artists are Andrea Sutton, Theresa Akers, Dylan Butman, Emma Goode, and Laura Seach, with collaborators: Maansi Jain and Jee Won Kim.

1/X explores the ideas of emergence and liminality as they relate to the artists’ and their subjects’ evolving existence. The curated whole works to highlight the seemingly unimportant or overlooked, providing space for the viewer to reexamine their perceptions. Moving through and within the sections of art, space, nature, and technology, the artists’ pieces translate their academic interests into artistic mediums.

-Andrea Sutton, Class of 2013