Sheila Pree Bright

Heroes, Victories & Triumphs February 3-28, 2017

#1960Now Baltimore

Baltimore  From the series #1960now

Sheila Pree Bright is engaged in a quest to change the way black bodies are seen, represented, and conceptualized. With social and racial justice struggles as points of departure to investigate, educate, and explore, Pree Bright’s work demonstrates the participant eye of an activist who is unwilling to sit on the sidelines as history is made. Heroes, Victories, & Triumphs shows the ongoing struggle against injustice and, in particular, the photographer’s celebration of the beauty of individuals and the hopes and struggles of the people.
The ongoing series #1960Now shows an intimate view of demonstrations and marches in which deep and empathetic humanism resists simple categorization. The large-scale portraits come directly out of the tradition of the great portraitists from Richard Avedon to Dorothea Lange who capture people who might otherwise be nothing more than a passing news image. Equal parts documentary and homage, Pree Bright’s work matches the formal qualities with the sense of respect for the changing tide of history and those that play central roles in it.

Pree Bright’s work challenges what we see and how we see it. Within the current context of momentous changes that surround us, her work refreshes our sense of the possible and expands our notions of what is beautiful.


Photos from the Show:

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