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nadahada is the collaboration between Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw and María Paz Valenzuela. It synchronously emerged from an undergraduate class in 2014 at The New School in NYC. Their work pieces together a trans-feminist, queer migrant eco-collage through an interdisciplinary process that performs non-surgical forms of cultural castration with digital technologies, trash, and yarn. To encounter worlds within worlds, they work in a multitude of mediums, including text, performance, video, sound, collage, interactive creatures and an-architecture, with the intention of queering power structures and rupturing established systems through material and virtual fragmentation and (re)assemblage.

From Outrage to Action: Proposals for Climate, Resources and Planet 

Agnes Denes  •  Ismail Ferdous  •  Gideon Mendel    Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR), Max Liboiron, Director  •   Mark Read and Grayson Earle •  Louise Harpman,  Architecture and Urban Design LAB 2017 sponsored by Global Design NYU •   Mary Mattingly • nadahadaThe Yes Men