Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR)



“This summer and fall, we have been collecting cod guts from the eastern and southern shores of the Avalon Peninsula to test them for plastics. Plastics are a contamination concern because they  act like sponges for chemicals such as pesticides, flame retardants, plasticizers, and other persistent organic pollutants. We ask fishermen and women if they would like to name their fish so they can see if their particular fish has eaten plastics. The results are below– we are still going through samples and have done about 300 of the 400+ fish guts we’ve collected. “Suspected” means we think they might be plastic, but they are so small or difficult to identify that we need to do more analysis. “Confirmed” means we found plastics, like the one pictured below. We will update this page as we do more research. ”

Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) is a feminist marine science and technology lab. Our main goal is to conduct science and build technology that foregrounds values of equity and justice, particularly for populations that are negatively affected by plastic pollution. We engage in action-oriented research through grassroots environmental monitoring that emphasis that the process of research, as well as research findings, impacts the world. We focus on do-it-yourself, feminist, participatory, Land-based, and activist methodologies so research contributes to positive change to the environments in which we work and live.

Increasing ecological problems paired with diminishing federal resources and powers designed to protect our environments means that many people are faced with changes that are harming their bodies, communities, and environments. CLEAR specializes in creating low-cost, open-source methods for monitoring environments as a first step in creating change, whether that change is designed for policy, industry, or community forums.

From Outrage to Action: Proposals for Climate, Resources and Planet 

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