VOLENTI NON FIT INJURIA (to the willing person, no harm is done): IN MEMORIAM OF MEDICAL DATA

An exhibition of original graphics on bomber jackets about the effects of how we evaluate healthy bodies and populations, on the economics of the health industry and the state of universal humanitarian values.

the LAByrinth PROJECT is a fashion brand inspired by science. LAByrinth was founded by Elaine Young and has exhibited at: Asia Society Hong Kong as one of eight up-and-coming designers at Imminent Domain: Designing for the Life of Tomorrow, been featured in the Mori Arts Museum Shop in Tokyo, the MoMA Design Store [NYC and Tokyo] and at the David Bowie Is… exhibition shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

LAByrinth features two product lines: AMULA DNA Jewellery >>> a line of personalized and preselected 21st century lockets containing DNA of the person, plant or animal of your choice suspended in a glass vial and HOST for your living things >>> a collection of original graphics and forms (bags, accessories, clothing) inspired by natural phenomena and advanced imaging technologies that have enabled us to witness and conceive of worlds and concepts normally invisible to the naked-eye.


Photos from the show: