Vicky joined the guerrilla group after her mother and sister were raped and murdered by paramilitary. When she found no justice in the official system, she turned to the FARC-EP. Women play a large role in the FARC-EP, with equal status and duties as their male counterparts.

Photographer Alvara Ybarras Zavala Macondo, provides evidence of the reality of the civilian population in Colombia, which has suffered for more than sixty years under the shadow of war and the consequent on-going violation of human rights.It is a document of the civilian population in a hidden Colombia, ruled by the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the remaining armed groups that fight in the Colombian conflict.



We will celebrate the opening of the Macondo: Memories of the Colombian Conflict photography show with a panel discussion. Please join for a conversation with Alice Gabriner (TIME Magazine’s International Photo Editor), Marie Cruz Soto (NYU Gallatin Professor of Latin American Studies), and Álvaro Ybarra Zavala (Photographer). The panel will be moderated by Keith Miller (Curator of The Gallatin Galleries and NYU Gallatin Professor) and Lauren Walsh (Curator of Macondo and NYU Gallatin Professor).

The panel will be followed by a reception in the gallery as Ybarra Zavala’s show officially opens to the public.

The panel is free and open to the public and begins at 6:30pm in the Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts on the ground floor of NYU Gallatin.

Both the theater and the gallery are located at 1 Washington Place @ Broadway.


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