Tyler McGillivary
BA 2017
Current 5th floor show

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These drawings are done in a variety of mediums and materials including pen and ink, graphite, Illustrator, and drugstore makeup. They explore our need for perfection and the subsequent altering or concealing of perceived flaws. We’re constantly striving for an ideal that cannot organically be constructed; many of our daily rituals such as putting on makeup, eating genetically enhanced foods, or applying Instagram filters mask the “naturally” occurring version of whatever it is we’re trying to alter. Imagery such as flowers, crystals, and animals act as the basis for these ideas since they are arguably the most “pure” examples of natural life, while hands, feet, makeup, and glass encasings function against these forms. In our constant attempt to beautify the world around us, is something lost or is the bar for what we consider “perfection” simply raised without repercussion?

The Gallery at The Gallatin School for Individualized Study