The 2015 Gallatin Arts Festival (@NYU) presents #BlackLivesMatter OPEN CALL!

In association with the Prison Education Program and Incarceration to Education Coalition at NYU, and co-sponsored by U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.

CALLING ALL politically engaged artists, activists, and and concerned folks to share excerpts of artistic work and project ideas inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. All artistic mediums welcomed.


Event will be followed by:
7:30PM screening of THE DARKEST HOUR – a documentary in progress on the impact of “the Box” – solitary confinement and isolation on Death Row.

To present, please RSVP to Jasmin at jea374@nyu.edu

The Gallatin Arts Festival team and key collaborators including members of the Prison Education Program and Incarceration to Education Coalition, have come together out of the urgency of our times. This year has proved once again that Black lives are not protected by our justice system. With the non-indicted cases of Eric Garner and Mike Brown, protests and die-ins erupting nation-wide, and countless lives of women and men, trans and cis, taken by police officers, this is a crucial time for the NYU and NYC communities to engage in critical dialogue surrounding the lineage of our violent white patriarchal supremacist system while also living and imaging a world we want to live in. We will therefore be hosting a series of workshops that does just this through politically engaged artistic practice.

We will start the series with an Open Call event where interested artists, activists, and concerned folks gather to share excerpts of artistic works and project ideas they have conceived of around the #BlackLivesMatter movement. To follow up, we will invite the same as well as additional participants to engage in artist-led participatory workshops where they will unpack an issue and explore ways of developing artistic projects around the chosen issue, refining their own work or creating new work.

We will culminate our series in a presentation of selected artistic works at the Gallatin Arts Festival on Friday, April 17. Works will engage with themes and questions that #BlackLivesMatter invokes, including but not limited to police brutality, the prison industrial complex, the school to prison pipeline, racial justice activism, and visions for new systems and ways of organizing.

The Gallery at The Gallatin School for Individualized Study